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Coffee caramel is a decadent and luxurious treat that combines the rich, bold flavor of coffee with the smooth sweetness of caramel. Each bite offers a perfect balance of bitter and sweet, creating a sophisticated flavor profile that is both indulgent and satisfying.

The caramel itself is made from a mixture of sugar, butter, and often a hint of cream, which lends it a creamy texture and a rich, buttery taste. To infuse the caramel with coffee flavor, freshly brewed coffee is added to the mixture, imparting a robust coffee aroma and flavor.

As you bite into a piece of coffee caramel, you're greeted with the intense and aromatic taste of coffee, followed by the smooth sweetness of the caramel. The combination of flavors creates a harmonious blend that is both bold and comforting, making it the perfect treat for coffee lovers.

Coffee caramel can be enjoyed on its own as a decadent indulgence or used as a topping for desserts such as ice cream, brownies, or cheesecake. Whether savored slowly or used to enhance other sweet treats, coffee caramel is sure to delight with its rich and complex flavor profile.



Nutrition Facts

*Allergen Information: Contains SULFITES, SOY