Wholesale Program

Welcome to Poppington's Wholesale Program

Did you know that Poppington's is also a wholesale popcorn manufacturer and distributor? That's right; we offer the same delicious premium popcorn in bulk, along with gourmet snacks in bulk and an eye-"popping" assortment of gourmet flavors in our bag line.

At Poppington's, our success stems from our ability to identify and build organizational capabilities – a savvy combination of people and how we operate – that best supports our strategy. We maintain a strong focus on quality products, technology and innovation. The result is a virtually flawless execution of more than five tons of popcorn produced each year. We work with our customers to understand their needs and explain our extensive capabilities. We are eager to provide the finest fresh-popped snacks, all with 100% customer satisfaction.


Find out how easy it is to partner with the gourmet snack leader!

Email us at info@poppingtons.com to get started or click the link below!