Poppington’s Green Initiatives

Poppington’s continues to invest time and resources in the development of our approach to conserve our natural resources, reducing waste, and implementing best practices as an environmentally conscious company. Here are a few key accomplishments in this area:


  • We currently recycle waste paper, cardboard and plastic containers.

  • We purchase Green Products when available from suppliers and vendors.

  • We use local business to help in reduction of cardboard waste and fuel consumption for cleaner air.

  • We bring in outside air whenever possible, reducing the energy to heat or cool our space.

  • We use energy efficiency equipment in all areas of cooking process.

  • We do manual labor in sealing our bags and taping our boxes.

  • Poppington’s is attempting to reduce product packaging and special labeling whenever possible.


  • Our Custom Boxes and Shredded Paper Filler are made of recyclable materials and we strive to use recyclable packaging whenever possible.


  • We encourage our customers to reuse their previously purchased Poppington's Popcorn Tins.



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