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Select Your Quantity & Flavor

Our 2-cup Favor Bags are the perfect amount for baby showers, wedding favors, corporate take-a-ways, or any occasion that requires an equal amount with a pop of color and bold flavors.

Each bag comes with a gold Poppington's sticker or a custom sticker of your design. We tie the bags with a colorful satin bow to match your event colors. 

Choose from six different flavors per 25 piece bundle:

Classic Caramel - Remembering the simpler times and just enjoying your box of caramel corn is only one part of Poppington's experience. We love caramel so much we would use it in everything. Now you can share that great experience with all your guests and let them have the best experience at your event. They will remember it forever.

Confetti Candy - Ideal for adding some color and sweet flavors to your event. Our confetti comes in all flavors: Green Apple, Banana Yellow, Bright Blue Raspberry, Cherry Red, Purple Grape, and Orange Orange.  If you require a special blend to match your theme email us at info@poppingtons.com and we'll be happy to assist you.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel - Scrumptiously delicious and unique, our Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel will get your taste buds twirling! We created a perfect combo of sweet and salty using our Classic Caramel popcorn then drizzled it with rich dark chocolate. The final touch - a sprinkling of just the right dash of chunky sea salt. Salt Bae would be impressed!

Greenville Mix - We feel that no other flavor combination contributes to your Greenville, SC experience as much as this golden cheddar, white cheddar and caramel corn mix.  Perfect for out-of-town co-workers, guests, and parties.

Kettle Korn - Sweet and crispy popcorn made with just the right amount of sugar and salt.

Tuxedo Chocolate Caramel - Distinctive, smooth, and oh so enticing our Tuxedo Chocolate Caramel has a license to thrill with layers of creamy white chocolate and dreamy milk chocolate drizzled atop clusters of our Classic Caramel popcorn. Its alias, you may ask? Why it’s Poppington's. James Poppington's, of course.

Please Note: All event orders placed with less than 7 days until pick up will incur a $25 Rush Fee.

These are all custom orders with no refund or cancellation. 

Portion Size

Each Favor Bag contains 1 cup of product.

DIY Favor Bags

Great for giveaways at birthday parties, holiday parties, theme parties, and special events, the product is just as important as the packaging you create.

1. Get your final number of attendees for your event.

2. Decide on the amount of product you wish each person to receive.

3. Decide on your bag choice, either a clear bag that you would have to use a ribbon or bow to close or a zip lock bag.

4. Measure your amount by taking a one-cup measure, filling it with dry cereal, and place in your bag of choice. (Fill the bag until you like the amount.)

5. Take that measurement and multiple by the number of attendees.

6. Order your product, plus a little more for nibblers-(see party pricing per flavor)

7. Gather all your materials and product and schedule a date to assemble your bag.

8. Fill your bag and seal with ribbon or pre-tied bows.

9. Place your finished project in an airtight container until ready to distribute.

Don’t have time to do a favor bag, let our team create that special bag tailored just for your event.Don’t have time to do a favor bag, let our team create that special bag tailored just for your event.