How To Make an Amazing Popcorn Bar

Be Creative!

Make a memorable experience for not only you, but your guests as well. When coming up with ideas for your popcorn bar remember to include your spouse’s favorites/hobbies as well.

  1. Ask your venue – Are you allowed to bring in an outside food provider, if yes, great!!  Ask what kind of bowls or scoops may be available for your use (saving you money).
  2. Know the size of your table—It is very important to know how much space you have to work with.
  3. It’s your Budget—Buy as much popcorn as you can afford which should include extra popcorn so your guests won’t be disappointed.
  4. Schedule Popcorn Tasting—Schedule time to taste and discuss options for you popcorn bar and bring a friend who can help with the decision. We can guide you through the final decision and also let you know what you should expect from us.
  5. Order in timely manner—Ordering two weeks ahead of time will ensure your order will be the freshest.
  6. Provide containers for your guests—Your guests will need something to hold their popcorn while enjoying themselves at your event. There are many options available at party stores, crafts stores, and online.
  7. Label your table—Your guests are going to want to know what types of popcorn you have, and what each one tastes like. This is why it is important to provide labeling in front of each flavor. You can make handwritten labels, printed labels, or even chalkboard labels! Be sure it blends in with your theme.  An ingredient list will be provided for those who may have food allergies.
  8. Provide scoops –It is very important to provide a scoop for each container/flavor. You don’t want to be cross-contaminating flavors. It will also help with distributing the popcorn faster. Pick a scoop that is smaller than your container for less spillage. (Saving you money)
  9. Assign a popcorn keeper—Having someone in charge to keep the popcorn bar full and clean will keep your guests happy, and keep you dancing the night away.
  10. Covered popcorn is happy popcorn!—Although it is not possible to keep it closed at all times, you’ll want to keep the containers covered as much as possible. This is why we recommend holding the popcorn in containers that have lids and fill your larger container often.

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