How-To Favor Bags

Great for giveaways at birthday parties, holiday parties, theme parties, and special events, the product is just as important as the packaging you create.

  1. Get your final number of attendees for your event.
  2. Decide on the amount of product you wish each person to receive.
  3. Decide on your bag choice, either a clear bag requiring a ribbon or bow or a zip lock bag.
  4. Measure your amount by taking a one cup measure and fill with dry cereal and place in your bag of choice. (Fill the bag until you like the amount.)
  5. Take that measurement and multiple by number of attendees.
  6. Order your product, plus a little more for nibblers-(see party pricing per flavor).
  7. Gather all your materials and product and schedule a date to assemble your bags.
  8. Fill your bags and seal with ribbon or pre-tied bows.
  9. Place your finished project in an airtight container until ready to distribute.


Don’t have time to do a favor bag, let our team create that special bag tailored just for your event.