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Box Choice

Popcorn doesn't have to be that dull snack we find at the theater. Give yourself a fresh perspective and give your friends or loved ones a gift as well. Poppington's pleases the palate with popcorn that pops with dazzling and distinctive flavors! Whether you like savory or sweet, Poppington's is the perfect treat. With resealable snack bags and a great variety of flavors, your friends will savor Poppington's!

Packaged in our beautiful Poppington's Red Signature Box. 

Signature Flavors
1. Bacon Ale
2. Butter Toffee
3. Jalapeno
4. Greenville Mix
5. Havarti Dill Pickle
6. Poppington's Mix
7. Salted Caramel
8. South Carolina Mix
9. Spicy Dill Pickle
10. Spicy Bacon Cheddar