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Office Parties & Events

Shop from Poppington's wide array of business food solutions. We offer everything from corporate tins brimming with gourmet delights to premium chocolate  trays and easy popping food ideas.

Our experts will help you find the perfect assortment of food to offer at your next big corporate event. We can help you identify short-term business food solutions, such as offering easy finger food ideas for filling chocolate trays  to entertain business conference attendees. And we offer long-term business food solutions, such as helping you identify a series of corporate gift to send to your partners and associates throughout the calendar year. Remember, at Poppington's we do more than pack homemade caramels and savory popcorn tins with delicious treats. 

Every day, is a popcorn day at Poppington's... We pop all our products right here in our store and chocolate all our caramels in the same space.  We even hand-tie the ribbons on our gift bags and boxes.  It all happens at our Greenville location,  where we’re geared from the ground up to provide the type of business food solutions and gourmet gifts you need to make the best impressions or send your heartfelt gratitude; the right corporate gifts can be valuable business tools to sway clients and show employees just how much you care.

Providing excellent food at conferences is bound to impress. And every gift we send is backed by the strongest guarantee in the business.