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Posted by Rose Augustyn on

We are so excited to announce College Corn has started back up again for the upcoming school year! This program gives college students the change to have custom-ordered popcorn shipped to them automatically each month.  Revamped with all new flavor choices and the options of Traditional or Vegan, students are sure to enjoy! To include students with dietary restrictions, we will also offer Gluten Free and Vegan Choices.

College Corn offers students three different subscription lengths to order the popcorn: Fall, Spring and Year. Each semester subscription includes up to four months of popcorn. The Year subscription includes up to eight months of popcorn.

The Traditional option will give the student three selections of popcorn, including a custom container of decadent chocolate popcorn. The Vegan option will give the student two selections of popcorn. To compensate for the smaller selections, the Vegan option comes with a Party bag and a Family bag. Both options are $29.95.

Students are given the opportunity to choose the popcorn flavors that will be delivered and change their flavor

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