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Posted by Rose Augustyn on

"Oh my word, so many choices.... so little time. It is hard to choose--so many great choices. Best customer service too! We definitely will be back!" -Georgia Martincic

"I am so addicted!! The popcorn was fresh (they were popping it when we walked in) and so tasty! I will be a return customer! Thank you for such a wonderful, tasty, yummy popcorn!" -Catherine Beard Howard

"This place is truly one of a kind. It is such a novelty and makes a grown person feel like a kid in a candy store! The different popcorn flavors are phenomenal and one of a kind. Definitely a "MUST SEE" in Greenville!!! I'm currently munching to some watermelon flavored popcorn (who knew?!!)" -Laura Kretzmer

"The only thing better than the popcorn is the service! Bob and Rose have gone out of their way to help me with every visit! LOVE this place! :) keep on popping, guys!" -Aleatha Cone Moore

"We were there AGAIN on Sunday!!! Hands down BEST POPCORN!! Great atmosphere as well!! We drive from Anderson to get our popcorn fix!!! Everyone should check them out!!!" -Dana Vaughn Horne

"Love the tuxedo popcorn! Delicious" -Monica K. Scott



Thank you SO much to all of our wonderful customers who took the time to write us great reviews!! Keep posting to Facebook and you may be featured next time!

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