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Popcorn Kernels & Bowl Gift - Poppington's Gourmet Popcorn

Popcorn Kernels & Bowl Gift

Popcorn Kernels and Bowl, with Poppingtons Scoop. Everything you need to make a big bowl. 

Each canister is 1 lb of kernels, and you get to choose which canister you would like. 

Choice your favorite kernels: Once popped the popcorn inside pops white.


Red-All natural red popcorn kernels. Very small and sweet.

White-Pops big and fluffy. Very tender. It's what we use in our shop. 

Blue-All natural blue kernels: Tiny size when popped. You might need to add a little more to your pan when popping. 

Rainbow-We blended the red, blue, and white and tossed in a bit of yellow popcorn to make our rainbow blend.  You get the best of all the kernels-popping at one time. 

Come all tied up and makes the wonderful gift for everyone. 

 Ribbon and hang tag may very.




  • $1699