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Popcorn Bar

Are you looking to add a festive flare to your event? Gourmet popcorn bars are all the rage and perfect for company events, office parties, reunions, graduations, or even friendly get-togethers! And with so many choices of flavored popcorn, delightfully infused with a dash homemade popcorn seasonings, why wouldn't you want to treat your guests with the perfect snack? Partner up with us, and let's make your event one that will be unforgettable. Together we're the perfect pair!


Popcorn Bar Includes:

  1. 15 Gallons of popcorn (240 1-cup serving) ($1.87 per serving) 
  2. Three scoops
  3. ID tags for each flavor

If you need bags or boxes please let us know, we will be able to provide them for you at additional cost. 

**average quest will consume 2 cups. 

Delivery is available within 25 miles of Poppington's at additional cost.

  • $44900