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Mr. P'S Java by Poppington's Gourmet

If you love flavored coffee then you will love Mr. P's Java.

Created for all those that love all things coffee.

We hand selected flavors that match

Poppington's caramel, chocolate and cheese line of product. 

Pick up some today- and enjoy with your Poppington's Popcorn 


Maple Bacon--Sweet taste of maple combines with the savory, smoky taste of bacon. Moo Chocolate--Rich and creamy milk chocolate. Bavarian Cream Pie--Vanilla cake filled with sweet custard cream covered in chocolate. Cherriccino--Cherry ligueur infused with mocha and chocolate fudge. Spicy Devil--Devilishly fun coupling of Mexican chocolate and cinnamon. Pudgy Pie-Devils food cake surrounds marshmallow cream filling. Scrunchie Munchie Caramel-Sweet creamery, sticky. gooey caramel. Funky Munky-Fudge Smothered ripe bananas.



  • $299