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🔴 Holiday Toffee 🟢

Poppington’s Sweet Butter Toffee is rich and buttery. A Classic on its own. This year we giving it a holiday sparkle. The crunchy texture coupled with the buttery flavor make it the perfect sweet treat for the holidays. Enjoy the classic toffee taste with an added festive touch.

We generously covered our beloved corn with 🔴 red & green 🟢 vanilla chocolate. Then lightly sprinkled with Christmas sprinkles. A decadently festive combination of red and green vanilla chocolate, each piece lovingly hand-drizzled and garnished with festive Christmas sprinkles.

Packaged in our classy 8 oz. canisters to maintain clusters then sealed for freshness.


Nutrition Facts

*Allergen Information: Contains MILK, SOY. May contain trace amounts of PEANUTS due to common processing equipment by the chocolate manufacturer.