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Christmas 2 Gallon Tins

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Classic--Our sweet Salted Caramel is paired next to creamy White Cheddar, and finishes with Butter & Salt popcorn. 

Cheesy--Forget the old fashioned cheese platter, put out the cheesiest popcorn. Bacon Cheddar will have them coming back for more, and with the Beer Cheddar your tastebuds will be on overdrive. The last cheese to brag about is our newest--Cheddar Buffalo with just the right amount of heat to make you wonder where are the bones.

Vegan Delight--We have put together the top three vegan flavors so everyone can enjoy them. Maple Caramel will take care of the sweet side of while the Salt and Vinegar is all about the tangy and finish off with the spicy side of Sriracha.

Caramel Chocolate Lovers--Can't decide on which one to pick take all three chocolates to your hostess, office party, gift exchange with the family. We added White Chocolate Sea Salt to our chocolate line, Tuxedo is the only blend of both Milk and White Chocolate over caramel. Birthday Cake flavor is not just for celebrating your birthday. Indulge, have some today. 

Spicy Combination--Ok, this is the one you wanting for years.  Our Spicy Combo, Jalapeño Cheddar, Spicy Bacon and Buffalo all mixed together. Have your favorite beverage close by.  



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