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Alzheimer's Sweet

Confetti Flavors

Are loved by children and adults alike! It's a colorful treat your taste buds will appreciate. A popular pick for parties and events alike. Each 1 gallon container is filled with Apple, Cherry, Orange, Strawberry, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Banana, Grape. 



Salted Caramel 

Now you can get your sweet and salty in one bite. Our original caramel is sprinkled with salt to enhance the flavor of the buttery caramel. One of our best sellers and remarkably delicious!


No-Salt Caramel 

Our original Caramel recipe is made with real butter and brown sugar, with just the right amount on each piece of popcorn. It's a crunchy and familiar taste that everyone enjoys and it goes well with nearly any other flavor, especially cheeses.


  • $3000