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Alzheimers Savory Flavors

Bacon Cheddar

Perfect for the bacon lover in your life, this flavor explosion of cheese and bacon goodness is the perfect road trip snack to keep everyone happy between pit stops. Plus, it's a wonderful late night treat when you just gotta fill that craving!



This popcorn is packin' some serious heat! If you love Sriracha and can handle the level of HOT that it brings, this is the popcorn you've been waiting for! Popped butterfly corn tossed with the spicy Asian chili sauce makes for one adventurous treat.

Butter & Salt

Our lightly salted and buttered popcorn is a healthier spin on the classic. We feel quality popcorn should not be coated in heavy butter. The actual flavor and texture of the popcorn should be the star. This classic is always favorite! (Only available in Party Size)


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