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This is your day! Let us take away a piece of the stress, and provide a memorable treat that everyone will enjoy. We’ll prepare a beautiful mosaic of unique popcorn that reflects your style and mirrors the delight found throughout your wedding.





Dazzle your guests with an impressive array of popcorn options at your next party. From chocolates to savory flavors that will serve as a brilliant centerpiece for your get-together, we can provide the exquisite piece your party yearns for.





Family, fires, fireworks, happiness, and joy. All of these elements are natural products of holidays. The main component missing? A ravishing addition to your edible traditions. . We know your holiday traditions are delicious, and would love to add a garnish to the seasonal get together. Our splendid flavors are sure to bring some fresh enthusiasm to your holiday this time around!

Let's discuss your upcoming event and how Poppington's can help make it unforgettable! Call us today at 864.349.1331 or complete the following form and we will get in touch with you: