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Woof Woof Shoppe

How it all started. 
Alyssa and Taylor were two former employees that became best friends. They were given a project to create a new product that represents Poppington's Healthy Snack Line. They were allowed to use all the tools and equipment needed for their creation.  
What did they come up with? Woof Woof Corn! They discovered that there was a need for a Dog-friendly popcorn snack, since Greenville is a dog friendly city.  They provided their idea to a designer, Julie B., and together as a team they came up with the logo and the name.  
They selected a brown kraft packaging, keeping more of a natural look and using Non-Gmo Corn air popped makes Woof Woof Corn a healthy popcorn snack for dogs of all sizes. 
Thank you Alyssa and Taylor - a job well done!!!
Rose & Bob