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"DIY Popcorn Lovers" Gift Box

GET YOUR POP ON with our Poppington's "DIY Popcorn Lovers" Gift Box. This fun assortment has everything you need to pop, season, scoop, and crunch like a pro! Packaged in our beautiful Poppington's Red Signature Box.

2 - 1-cup bags of Baby White Popcorn Kernels
2 - 1-cup bags of Blue Popcorn Kernels
2 - 1-cup bags of Rainbow Popcorn Kernels
2 - 1-cup bags of Red Popcorn Kernels

1 - Poppington's Plastic Popcorn Scoop
1 - Tea Towel (design may vary)

Popcorn Kernel Popping & Texture Descriptions

Baby White Kernels pop to be small and tender with few hulls and with a light airy texture. It is the same popcorn kernels that we use for many of our flavors here at Poppington's! 

Blue Kernels are rich in antioxidants and pop to be small to medium in size and white in color. They also have a delicately crispy mouthfeel. 

Rainbow Kernels are an awesome mix of the Baby White, Blue, Red, and Yellow Butterfly varieties as described below. 

Red Kernels pop to be small and crunchy and white in color and have a nutty flavor. They also have more antioxidants than white and yellow kernels. 

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